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The green deal is EU’s ambitious initiative towards green future. Defined by targets and benchmarks, the green deal is a comprehensive policy framework to measure the progress towards a variety of development/ planning parameters like climate, energy, environment, economy, etc.

Through dedicated trainings and development of a Green Deal Fit Tool, the Green Deal Fit Project co-funded by EU, aims to raise the level of knowledge on the green deal, its impact and participation options.

With URBAN MENUS Trainings you can improve your development projects, e.g. urban district planning,

  • achieving higher Enviromental, Social and Governance rankings
  • improving quality of life
  • involving relevant stakeholders in a smooth way
  • using resources efficiently.

Green Deal Fit Training

Within an Erasmus+ co-funded projects we conducted are a workshops and practice programme in 2023. The training material for self-learning is accessible free of cost.

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Green Deal Fit Tool

All topics of the European Green deal have been prepared in an accessible and easy to understand manner to immerse nimble into the subject matter. Visually appealing the tool will inspire to integrate Green Deal policies in area development projects. The tool is accessible free of costs.

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