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Green Deal Development Trainings

Participation Workshop integrating Impact Assessment and Training Approaches of URBAN MENUS for area development

Closing Event

Making Cities Fit for Green Deal Development:
Discover training for sustainable urban
development & showcases in Bulgaria

The Erasmus+ project “Making Cities Fit for Green Deal Development” presented its results: A training and a digital platform to strengthen the green competence of urban and rural development staff including decision-makers and investors.

The closing event on September 28, 2023, 15:00 CET was an opportunity to learn about the training as well as ways to transfer the knowledge locally.

The highlights were:

bulgarian local voices

In my opinion, as a mayor, a higher level of awareness in society plays a key role. Emphasis should be placed on educating and familiarizing people with the changes that are coming and with the integration of innovations through easily accessible and mass programs.

Tsvetanka Zdravkova
Mayor of Vladaya

The changes that will occur with the Green Deal will improve the operational qualities of buildings, integrate and pay attention to nature that is taken for granted and not protected, and introduce renewable sources as a resource for carbon-neutral and more sustainable living.
As mayor, I promote greater awareness in society and promote the implementation of alternative and environmentally friendly sources in our daily lives.

Gergin Georgiev
Mayor of Marchaevo

As the deputy mayor of the green district, I support initiatives that are related to public events for afforestation and the integration of nature-saving models in our daily lives.
My civic position is clear, I support the Green Deal and a zero-carbon future.

Vladislav Karipov
Deputy Mayor of Vitosha

Presentations by Laura P. Spinadel (BUSarchitektur) and Petra Busswald (akaryon)

workshop participants voices

People still do not realize that from the actions and habits of each of us and at every moment, from every choice we make depends on whether we will leave nature for future generations. for a better future, changes must start now!

Assia Dobrudjlieva
Project Manager at Habitat Bulgaria

It is crucial for everybody to expand their knowledge on how to elevate the quality of life in cities and to gather expertise from other professional fields.

Arch. Dara Ivanova
Junior expert – Architect, Sofia Municipality

It is nice to have communication with people to look in the same direction. Multicultural and multinational teamwork has given me many more perspectives. I saw good practices on the other side of the world that would be useful in our country.

Stanislav Yovkov
Manager Roka Properties, Stara Zagora

Presentations of implementation with the software Urban Menus

Austrian and Bulgarian experts for urban development, impact (focus on Green Deal) and IT from the project team, local politicians, and first users attended.
Through dedicated trainings and the development of a Green Deal Fit Tool, the Green Deal Fit Project co-funded by the EU, aims to raise the level of knowledge on the Green Deal, its impact, and participation options.