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    Greendeal Analysis

    The green deal is EU’s ambitious initiative towards green future. Defined by targets and benchmarks, the green deal is a comprehensive policy framework to measure the progress towards a variety of development/planning parameters like climate, energy, environment, economy, etc. Through dedicated trainings and development of a Green Deal Fit Tool, the Green Deal Fit Project…

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    Impact Analysis

    Impact analysis aims to evaluate the impact of an activity in social, economic and environmental forces. It can help in anticipating possible outcomes of the implemented strategies. It is one of the crucial element required for securing funding/financial support for a project, for securing insurance and for putting the project on the market attracting potential…

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    Co-operative Participation

    Community participation is the process of involving and empowering local communities in the planning and development of their neighborhoods. Ideally, community participation should be integrated at the early stages of projects to comprehensively grasp the needs and requirements of the users, thus guiding the development process accordingly. However, more often than not, community participation is…