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Tsar Mihail Asen Street

Tsar Mihail Asen Street, situated in the Simeonovo district, serves as a crucial link between the urbanized region and Vitosha Natural Park. Despite its strategic location, the street suffers from inadequate infrastructure, leading to challenges in waste management, snow removal, and lighting. The absence of a nearby public transport stop within a reasonable distance of two kilometers forces residents to heavily rely on cars for commuting. Additionally, the lack of waste bins nearby makes segregated waste disposal a challenging task. However, the street gains significance as it forms a part of the renowned ‘Vitosha 100’ marathon route.

This street is connected to natural attractions like the Simeonov lakes, as well as various mountain lodges and hotels. Although the area boasts individual, luxurious, and high-priced residential constructions, there is a lack of modern energy-efficient systems in place. Gas supply is absent, with residents relying on electricity or wood for heating purposes. Inadequate street lighting in the past resulted in a surge in thefts, prompting local residents to form night patrol groups for enhanced security. The absence of a sewage system, due to the steep slope and limited funds, leads to untreated wastewater being discharged into nearby rivers or boreholes, causing flooding in flat areas.
Despite these infrastructural shortcomings, the Simeonovo villa area offers advantages such as clean air, minimal traffic, close proximity to nature, and spacious properties.