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Main Road between Knyazhevo and Vladaya

Residents of Vladaya, a remote district within Vitosha, encounter daily struggles in commuting to their workplaces in Sofia’s city center or the adjacent Knyazhevo district. The problematic journey revolves largely around Tsar Boris Blvd., a vital 5-kilometer long artery in Sofia that extends from Acad Blvd. Ivan Evstratiev Geshov to European road E79, intersecting multiple districts and markets. The boulevard’s infrastructure deficiencies, including a lack of transportation alternatives and deteriorating asphalt conditions, exacerbate the issue. The daily intervention by traffic police with barriers and cones to manage the 2-lane route adds to the congestion.

Frequent road repairs due to asphalt conditions, coupled with the low speed control on the boulevard, often result in traffic accidents, restricting the traffic flow on the already narrow road. This makes the daily commute of Vladaya residents, many of whom work around the city center, an arduous task.

If Vitosha municipality colleagues from Vladaya aim to arrive at work almost on time, they must allot an hour and a half for a mere 7.5-kilometer commute involving two vehicle changes and walking. Punctuality would require an even earlier start and almost 2 hours of commuting time. The poor transport services connecting these nearby neighborhoods, despite being part of the same municipality, highlight the shortcomings in traffic organization.