Urban Menus

Group 4

Street Gluharche, Dragalevci

Upon leaving the roundabout towards the Dragalevtsi district, past the ring road, one is met with exquisitely designed and constructed residences, restaurants, and shops. However, as you delve further into the heart of this elite and costly district, marked by a cemetery park on the left and a Chinese restaurant on the right, a conspicuous problem arises: the unmistakable odor of sewage. Despite its status, Dragalevtsi lacks a proper sewage system.

The most direct pedestrian path to the district’s center, Gluharche Street, embodies further infrastructural issues. It, along with several other streets, lacks sidewalks and surface water drainage systems. These shortcomings lead to overflow, freezing, and subsequent damage to the asphalt pavement.

Car owners freely park on sidewalks, due to a lack of regulation and enforcement by the municipality regarding maintenance of the spaces in front of houses. This lack of oversight contributes to an environment of disorder. Winter makes crossing the sloping streets difficult due to frozen water runoff. Despite these issues, the street still boasts of a hotel at one end and a view of the “Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus” church at the other. Even in the summer, the water continues to flow, acting as a metaphor for the persistent spirit of overcoming adversity.